Hortobágyi Lúdtenyésztő Zrt. was founded on November 11, 1992. Location: Hortobágy region, within the territory of Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park. The location of the company has had a determinant influence on the structure of its business management, and has given special importance to the application of environmentally friendly production procedures.

The basis of the company’s long-term successful operation is the high-standard breeding work based on the experience of several decades, which has resulted the company’s own breed of goose and duck that are highly recognized both in Europe and Asia.

The efficiency and successfulness of the production procedures are guaranteed by the technologies based on decades-long experience and the team of internationally recognized subject matter experts. The key to our shared success is the implementation of fair and mutually satisfactory co-operations.

Consequently, we are open to establish any new business relationships, to receive customers interested, to provide comprehensive information and to give an on-site presentation of our breeding activities.